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1- day Tour
** North Coast Tour- one day
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Itinerary Features:

We welcome everyone to discover the beauty of Keelung county, Yeliou Scenery and its naturally rock formation. The historical Chiufen Village that used to be an important place for gold mining is also very a very interesting and unique stop in Taiwan.

Tour Introduction:
Day01:North Coast Tour- one day

Keelung Harbor-
Keelung City- Buddha Statue- Yehliu Park- Queen's Head(Yehliu)- Lunch(on your own)- Chiufen Village (A historical town)- back to Keelung Harbor

Taiwan Tourism Bureau

Keelung City

Located in the north of Taiwan, Keelung city, surrounded by mountains is also an international harbor city visited by numerous ships. Keelung is a commercial port as well as a fishing and a naval port, the fresh air mixed with a salty sea water smell that you can feel until the city centre became one of the characteristics of Keelung City.

Taiwan Tourism Bureau

Buddha Statue

Biggest Goddess statue in Southeast Asia, you will find out that there's a stairway leading to the top of the statue. In order to gain new lands, immigrants to Taiwan used to fight to restore peace, they built a temple for worship which takes place every year. This temple is now in Chung Cheng Park.

Taiwan Tourism Bureau

Yehliu Park 

"Yeliou Turtle" is the other name of this 1,700 meter long cape, the reason for this name is that when overlooked from above, the place looks like a giant turtle submerging into the sea. The combination of the wind and waves sculpted the rock over the years, you will find Rocks that looks like Queen's Head, Fairy's Shoe and Candle in one part of the this place. On another part of the scenery, you'll have the chance to see rocks looking like Dragon Head. A statue of Lin Tien Jane reminds the story of his sacrifice to save other's people lives.

Queen's Head (Yehliu)
The Queen's head rock is the most famous example of the rock naturally sculpted by erosion, waves and wind. Very impressive and surprising'

Taiwan Tourism Bureau

Chiufen Village
(A historical town)
Located in northeast of Taiwan, Jioufen village is next to the mountain and faces the sea with a beautiful ocean scenery of Keelung outer sea. Jioufen used to be an important place for gold mining. It is said that there were only nine families living in Jioufen, but in 1890 when someone found gold nearby, the poor village suddenly attracted more than 4,000 families. Gold city of Asia, Jioufen was also called little Shanghai or even little Hong Kong. But the village lost its importance with the decline of the gold mining activity. Jioufen Old Street is now one of the busiest streets in Jioufen, and the past of the city attracts many tourists every year. There are many unique teahouses in the street that cannot be missed when going over there. The street goes through most of the village; you can also find shops selling the most famous country snack of Geo Fan, yam dish and other local dishes.

      Quotation on Cruise Group to Taiwan- North Coast  
    Tours Duration: one day

【Price includes】: 
A. Transportation  
   9-seater van (or 20-seater medium coach) for 1 day road trip

B. Accommodation  
   Not included
C. Meals          
   Not included

D. Entrances  
1. Yeliu Eco Park

E. Others  
1. Tour guide fee
2. Parking and Toll fee
3. Insurances (Personal Accident NT$2,000,000, PA-Medical NT$30,000) for 1 day
4. Administration and service charge         
    【Price】: 8 persons in the group
              Total: NT$18,400       Each:
(Exchange rate to-day: US$1= NT$32.5, now)
              *Road trips will be the same as the itinerary attached
              *This quotation is based on 8 persons in-group.   If the number of
                guests changes; the fixed cost is subjected to the change.

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